CRPS Awareness Day 19: Hot Tub, Cold Turkey

Published on November 19, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Guest Blogger Nancy Meagher Nancy details a day in her life with CRPS pain. A day of hot tubs, wine, and workout routines. What does Nancy learn through her journey through time? Find out! Submerged in the rough swirling water, my feet become redder than most. All ten of my half moon nail beds glow almost a fluorescent white. They reach the tips of each toe. I feel a bit freakish as I climb out of this warm friendly place and I slip into the pool to begin my daily laps. The cold water of the pool is duly noted by my overheated feet. The sudden temperature drop causes them to sting and I switch from laps to kick…
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CRPS Awareness Day 17: Attending Events In Pain

Published on November 17, 2017 under RSDS General Info
By Samantha Anderson When was the last time you went to an event? A wedding, a reunion, a birthday party, a holiday- they all count. It can be incredibly stressful to prepare for these events, especially when you cannot predict how your CRPS pain is going to be. But, every day, we continue to push to make it to the things that are important to us and those we love. I thought it was only appropriate to write this blog, as I am attending a wedding tonight after injuring an area of my body that is greatly affected by CRPS earlier this week. With that being said, congratulations to my cousin Andrea. This is inspired by your wedding! Preparation. It…
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CRPS Awareness Day 16: What We Lose When We Undertreat Pain

Published on November 16, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
Vlog by Kate Nicholson This video is being shared with Kate Nicholson's permission. Kate was a civil rights attorney for the Justice Department when pain consumed her life. Using opioids to function, she moved on to become a federal prosecutor. Based on her experience, she recorded this TED Talk to show how the opioid "crisis" is harming the people in pain that need it and how it harms so many when we undertreat pain. Thank you to Kate for sharing her story and her opinion on such a large platform. We are honored to share it through our blog as a vlog. The full description of this YouTube video states: "Kate Nicholson was working as a civil rights attorney for…
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CRPS Awareness Day 15: Young Chronicle Featuring Courtney

Published on November 15, 2017 under Stories of Hope
By Ashley Epping Courtney developed CRPS when she was 14 years old in her right foot; seven years later at age 21, she is now a pre-med student at Gordon College studying biology. Unusual circumstances happened between Courtney’s story and my own. Courtney and I went to elementary school together in 2006; I then changed school districts as we moved into middle school. Three years later, Courtney was diagnosed and informed that there was another young girl with CRPS in our city. Courtney and I were then reunited by CRPS and went on to connect our families, treatments and therapists. She was the first to enter the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program at Cleveland Clinic. My family and I traveled to…
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CRPS Awareness Day 14: The Anatomy of Hope

Published on November 14, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Katinka van der Merwe Dr. Katinka is back to write about the anatomy of hope. What does she mean by this? How can a chiropractor impact lives of people living with CRPS/RSD? After finding her purpose, Dr. Katinka did just that. From neuromuscular reeducation to microcurrents, read all about it here. Six years ago, I was a chiropractor bored to death in practice. The public viewed me much the same as they view all chiropractors. I probably “cracked” backs and necks. That is what chiropractors do, right? I reached out for help in any way I could think. I attended seminars, I visited successful and happy chiropractors, I read motivational things. Everywhere I looked I was told to “find…
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CRPS Awareness Day 13: Becoming an RSD Warrior

Published on November 13, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Guest Blogger Amy Marie Suss There are moments in which we realize our lives are changing, forever. Amy Marie Suss realized hers was changing a decade ago. Little did she know, this day would lead to RSD/CRPS and to becoming a warrior against pain. April 30, 2007.  That was the day my entire world changed.  I was driving home from work when a 17-year-old kid blew a stop sign, going well over the speed limit, while trying to make a ninety degree turn less than fifty feet in front of me.   There was nothing I could do and I hit him -- head on.   I remember bits and pieces from the rest of that day.  The sound…
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CRPS Awareness Day 12- My Burning Nights Complex Pain Story

Published on November 12, 2017 under RSDS General Info
By Guest Blogger Victoria Abbott-Fleming I grew up in the North West, UK as an only child and went through early life enjoying school, sports and music. At primary school I made Head Girl and became a Head of House and School Prefect at Secondary School. My childhood was a very happy one! I became the first in my family to go to university and I eventually qualified as a Barrister and was Called to the Bar in 2002. I loved it but knew it was a tough profession to get in especially for women. After University I got a job as Head of the Law Department at a college. I loved it! Passing over my legal knowledge that I…
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CRPS Awareness Day 11: A CRPS Veteran on Veterans Day

Published on November 11, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Shara Wilkey, Capt. USMC Ret. I graduated from Fountain Valley High School after marching I President Ronald Regan’s Inaugural Parade plating the Tuba. I auditioned for the US Marine Corps Band about two-months after returning from Washington DC. Within a month of graduating high school I was at Parris Island, South Carolina at boot camp! After boot camp, I went to the School of Music at Little Creek Amphibious Base, Norfolk, VA for 6-months. Then I was stationed at 29-Palms, Ca Drum & Bugle Corps. During this time, I was able to play at a taping for a USO Anniversary in Hollywood, having dinner with Scattman before he passed away then the Drum & Bugle Corps Unit drove down…
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CRPS Awareness Day 10: CRPS Teacher Turned Student

Published on November 10, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Guest Blogger Lara Santoro, Ph.D. Lana Edwards Santoro, Ph.D., is a teacher, educational consultant, writer, and amateur photographer. She also lives with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Embracing CRPS turned this teacher back into a student. Lana’s interest in education began when she was in elementary school. She loved reading and never passed an opportunity to visit books in the library. She remembers setting up a “school” at home in her living room, and how her grandfather lovingly subjected himself to her improvised reading lessons. Lana’s early interest in teaching and learning became her professional work. With an interest in multidisciplinary, integrated approaches to education and health, she taught in a residential treatment program, psychiatric hospital, and a center…
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CRPS Awareness Day 9: My CRPS and DRG Story

Published on November 9, 2017 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
Writen by Marcia Nolting for the RSDSA blog. Treatments for CRPS or RSD vary per person. We would like to note that you should always consult with your medical team about treatment options. For Marcia, DRG was the right answer. See what she was able to do due to DRG. My name is Marcia and I've had RSD for almost ten years and as of writing this, am post Abbott DRG stimulation surgery 4 months. A decade ago, I tripped over a step and thought someone had cut my left ankle/foot off, it hurt so bad. The pain was instant, continuous and unrelenting. The ER thought I was insane and sent me home with what they termed a "sprain" and…
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