Event: Facebook Live with Elan Schneider, DPT, MSPT, CYT., Thursday, March 31, 2022


Join RSDSA for our next Facebook Live with Elan Schneider, DPT, MSPT, CYT on Thursday, March 31st at 1:30pm Eastern as he discusses using digital health to target pain related neuroplasticity.

Elan Schneider, DPT, MSPT, CYT, is a physical therapist specializing in neuro-rehabilitation of chronic pain. Dr. Schneider co-founded the Retrain Pain Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to pain education, and has created educational content used in pain clinics throughout the world in over 30 languages.

Dr. Schneider is also the co-founder of TrainPain – a digital health company developing novel technology for pain related neuroplasticity. He is optimistic about the future of pain care and is a passionate advocate for public awareness of modern pain science, and its implications on policy, health care systems change and improved patient-centered care

  • Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022
  • Time:  1:30 pm (EDT)
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