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  1. Wilma Reynolds

    Hello Alexis, I read your article about the food you eat and CRPS, I wasn’t able to comment on that post. I have been fighting CROS for 12 years in my hands, back and both legs. I have done all of the prescribed meds, scs and pain management. This year I finally got approved for disability for CRPS it was a long fight. Could you please send me a copy of your meal plans. Thank you so much and gentle hugs

    • Alexis Johnson

      Just sent your way!

  2. Cynthia J. Craig

    Please send me any info on an excellent RSD hand surgeon who could possibly save my dominant Dental Hygiene hand from severe RSD. Thank you very much!!

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello, Cynthia, We have sent you an email. Thanks!

  3. Donna N. Wilkes

    I want to receive all your RSDSA newsletters.

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