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The face masks are limited to 6 per household.

Details about the RSDSA Safety face mask.

  • The face mask is not medical grade, nor is it an N95 or equivalent quality mask
  • The fabric is made of polyester with an inner layer of thin foam.
  • The face mask is latex free.
  • It has a two layer of very soft, stretchy fabric
  • It is reusable and washable
  • It is stretchy with elasticized grippers that sit comfortable around the ears (no adjusting necessary)
  • The mask is in RSDSA blue, trimmed in black with featured black elastic bands
  • It does not have a pocket for a filter (you maybe be able to stitch or tape a coffee filter inside).


  1. tademaria45 (verified owner)

    Thank you for the face mask. The more awareness the better! Take care and stay safe, Teresa
    PS. I had your ribbon magnet, but it fell off my car.

  2. Karen DePasquale

    I want to pay by debit card, not check. How can I change that ?
    Thank you
    Karen DePasquale

    • Alexis Davis (verified owner)

      Hello, Karen. Apologies for the delay. Are you able to pay via PayPal?

  3. Kimberly Young

    Are these masks latex free? I have very allergic to latex.

    • Alexis Davis (verified owner)

      Hello, Kimberly. These masks are latex free! Let us know of any additional questions.

  4. Jenny Coffey (verified owner)

    It’s comfortable and a great conversation starter!

    • Alexis Davis (verified owner)

      Love hearing this, Jenny!

  5. Dawn

    I wish the mask also said CRPS

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