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RSDSA CRPS Medical Reference Cards


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The cards are limited to 4 per household.

CRPS medical reference card description

  • Geared for all medical disciplines to attach vertically to their ID badge, and or keep in their pocket to assist with CRPS diagnosis and assessment
  • Makes a wonderful gift for providers and or medical/nursing students
  • Supports caregivers, who many times need to advocate on our behalf
  • Empowers and validates those with CRPS when unable to clearly explain condition
  • Durable, laminated, CRPS medical reference card, with rectangle punch out and rounded corners
  • Size similar to ID badge (4 by 4)
  • Thin and lightweight to avoid bulky feel
  • Double sided to maximize information
  • Show cases RSDSA continued commitment in CRPS advocacy, education and research


  1. Kaye Flaharity

    I would like to have an RSDS card. I just clicked on this very informative web site, I have RSD in my leg/foot and also have foot drop on the same foot UCK! I have suffered for just over (3) years. I am extremely interested in taking part in a study.

  2. Kathy Whitten

    I am interested in the medical card that is out of stock. Could you please let me know when they are available? Could these be pre-ordered?

    Thank you

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello, Kathy. The cards are back in stock! We will also send this to you via email.

  3. MaryAnne Glasier

    When the new CRPS cards come in I would like 4 please. I also cannot seem to download the identification card, if you could just send me one I would certainly pay for that as well
    Thank you!
    MaryAnne Glasier CRPS patient

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