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RSDSA CRPS Medical Reference Cards


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The cards are limited to 4 per household.

CRPS medical reference card description

  • Geared for all medical disciplines to attach vertically to their ID badge, and or keep in their pocket to assist with CRPS diagnosis and assessment
  • Makes a wonderful gift for providers and or medical/nursing students
  • Supports caregivers, who many times need to advocate on our behalf
  • Empowers and validates those with CRPS when unable to clearly explain condition
  • Durable, laminated, CRPS medical reference card, with rectangle punch out and rounded corners
  • Size similar to ID badge (4 by 4)
  • Thin and lightweight to avoid bulky feel
  • Double sided to maximize information
  • Show cases RSDSA continued commitment in CRPS advocacy, education and research


  1. Libby

    Can’t get the cards right now but please put me on your list for free info I & my 2 daughter’s have had this for years my daughter’s also have Lupus,the pain is real!Thank You.

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello, Libby. We have added you to our list!

  2. Tiffany Pittman

    I have CRPS and I’m hoping to get the crps cards.

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello, Tiffany. Are you having trouble buying the cards?

  3. Debra Ellis

    Im trying to get a rsda reference card?

    • Alexis Davis

      We’re happy to hear that! Are you having trouble purchasing? They are currently in stock.

  4. Joseph T Huckle

    Hello, is it possible that you might have cards similar to thoughs given to folks in the medical field and which I could carry in my wallet similar to the one I was given to help people recognize and what to look for due to all my scars and amputations from necrotizing fasciitis?
    Thanks in advance

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello Joseph. We will follow up with you via email to better clarify your request.

  5. Nicole Hinojosa

    I’m 33 and have CRPS in ny left foot its great to see there are others out their as well. Glad im not alone in this contant pain.

  6. Kaye Flaharity

    I would like to have an RSDS card. I just clicked on this very informative web site, I have RSD in my leg/foot and also have foot drop on the same foot UCK! I have suffered for just over (3) years. I am extremely interested in taking part in a study.

  7. Kathy Whitten

    I am interested in the medical card that is out of stock. Could you please let me know when they are available? Could these be pre-ordered?

    Thank you

    • Alexis Davis

      Hello, Kathy. The cards are back in stock! We will also send this to you via email.

  8. MaryAnne Glasier

    When the new CRPS cards come in I would like 4 please. I also cannot seem to download the identification card, if you could just send me one I would certainly pay for that as well
    Thank you!
    MaryAnne Glasier CRPS patient

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