Stories of Hope: “RSD A Mystery” by KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

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“RSD A Mystery” – by KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner

No one knows the pain I feel
No one knows, it seems unreal
Sometimes I hope, I want to believe
That life goes on without disease

Oh, not so very long ago
I hurt my leg and did not know
Until my body refused to mend
And turned instead to the hell I’m in

RSD – that dystophy
Can change your life, oh it did for me
Let’s find a cure, so we’ll be free

I want a hug, but please stay away
I want you close but it hurts that way
Tender moments are what I miss
But RSD’s robbed me of this

Many colors have adorned my skin
When breezes blow, I hide within
But if I stay focused on what is right
I beat depression; I win this fight

Yes, RSD’s a mystery
But I’m not looking for sympathy
Let’s set our sites, yes, you and me
Let’s find that cure for RSD

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