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Those Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Get out of the Way of Those Who Are Doing It

Published on May 8, 2019 under RSDS General Info
Written by Wendy Kahn, MD for the RSDSA blog. I’ve always been very active, at least until one day in the fall of 2000, when I got a stick stuck in my rollerblade when I stood up to start my ride. I decided to have a controlled fall, but the impact on my sacrum turned out to be anything but controlled. During the next three years, I developed multiple cases of pneumonia, until the fifth pulmonologist figured out that I had twisted my spine, kinking one lung. In 2003, a nerve in my left calf became painful, limiting my walking.  My twisting deformity increased steadily until 2005 when suddenly I had such excruciating pain in my legs - first left,…
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