So You Want to Dance- A New Way to Help CRPS

Published on February 2, 2016 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
By Ryan Ferrell Do you sometimes struggle to get Enrique out of your head? Yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo Bailar contigo, tener contigo So does Lucrecia Martinez, a physical therapist from the Silicon Valley. She wrote about wrestling with her chronic pain after an injury in last summer’s Community Update (page six): Until then, my passion in life had been dancing. My husband and I met dancing. We loved to escape on date nights to dance salsa, cumbia, merengue, and any other Latin-infused music. At first, I denied that pain could rob me of my passion. I would grit and push myself through the pain. I feared that, if my husband and I could no longer dance, he would…
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The Handicap’s Appetite

Published on June 2, 2015 under Guest Blogger for RSDSA
    by Nancy Meagher     Sometimes I still crave running and walking. It was a rare wedding celebration that I had not been moved by the music to dance. A few years ago our niece married a fine fellow from the south of France. As I had taken a few years of High School French, and as language is a hobby of mine---- I was placed at the reception table with: Sylvan's Lovely Aunts. Moved by American songs in a language that did not come easily, a friendship ensued. We danced our international hearts out. The French in their stylish slim heels – I in a sassy pair of patent leather flats that my friend Elisa insisted I buy.…
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