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CRPS Awareness Day 7: Ketamine Treatment Information

Written by Guest Blogger Allison Wells, MD Dr. Wells shares her take on ketamine treatment information for CRPS. She offers insight to what she thinks works best, the effects CRPS can have on a person, and the impact of infusions. Please note that this is Dr. Wells' opinion and we…

Ketamine Treatment for CRPS: Art and Science

Is Ketamine the Best Treatment for your Patients with CRPS today? How do you know? Join other physicians on October 22, 2016 in Chicago for a day-long discussion of Ketamine Treatment for CRPS: The Art and the Science to hear and debate the latest evidence and options for future research on…

An Overview of RSD/CRPS

An Overview of RSD/CRPS
Written and researched by Tracey (Tipton) Morales for the RSDSA blog. RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), is what I was diagnosed with and was the name used for years. The current name is CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), although the name seems to constantly be changing, I have recently heard it…

CRPS Warriors Memorial

RSDSA is highlighting CRPS Warriors we have lost over the years. If you have a loved one you would like added to this memorial, please send us an email at info@rsds.org. CRPS Warrior's Photo CRPS Warrior's Name Sunrise Sunset Their Story Hannah Bernard October 02, 1996 December 27, 2015 Hannah…

The Key Is to Keep Pushing

The Key Is to Keep Pushing
Written by Sonny Grosso for the RSDSA blog. In November 2015, “Security to FP2 STAT” came over the radio. As I reached the room, a patient who had just come down from surgery was violently coming out of anesthesia. He was 6’3” and I am 5’9”. After several attempts to…