RSDSA is Committed to Funding and Advocating for CRPS/RSD Research and to Supporting the Medical Community

Less than one percent of all dollars spent on health research are invested in pain research. It is up to us to ensure that the treatments of today are not those of tomorrow. Every donated dollar invested in CRPS research will help fund studies for better treatment and a cure.

Presently we are funding five ongoing CRPS research projects:

  • Pain – a role for cross-talk between skin fibroblasts and the nociceptive system in skin of patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) ($235,880) submitted by PD Dr. Astrid Jüngel and Prof. Dr. med. et Dr. phil. Florian Brunner, Balgrist University Hospital and University Hospital Zurich
  • Begun the analysis of RSDSA’s 10-study of how CRPS impacts the long-term health of people with CRPS


RSDSA has committed all of its available research funds to present and future research initiatives and is not accepting new applications.


Current Active CRPS Clinical Trials

  • A Clinical Trail of The Evoke, a closed loop Spinal Cord System.
    To learn more about the ECAP Clinical Study and to see if you might qualify, please visit
  • RSDSA is funding a clinical trial at The Cleveland Clinic to determine whether nitrous oxide would be effective in treating pain caused by CRPS
  • To locate clinical trials in CRPS and RSD, visit
  • RSDSA has ended its 20-year study of the long-term health impact of CRPS on individuals diagnosed with it. We thank everyone who participated. We have begun the analysis of the data and hope to publish the results as soon as possible.

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