Research Grants

How to Apply for a RSDSA Research Grant

Since 1992, RSDSA has funded more than $3.5 million dollars in fellowships and research grants. There is no research application deadline. RSDSA welcomes letters of inquiry throughout the years regarding possible research projects.

Prior to submitting a detailed application:

  • Send a letter of inquiry to Jim Broatch via or to RSDSA 99 Cherry Street, Milford, CT 06460 explaining how your basic science or clinical research project will advance our understanding of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Include a budget and timeline

Grant Review Parameters

Translational Science: priority review.

Pilot work, feasibility studies: priority review.

Studies of orphan or generic drugs, repurposed drugs, ‘abandoned’ devices: priority review.

Surveys, post hoc analyses, conferences, qualitative research: consider for review on a case by case basis

Basic Science: in general, do not review.

Industry studies (device and drug, phase 1-4): do not review.

Underpowered, naive or poorly designed trials (e.g. poor background work, unsupported hypotheses, unattainable aims, etc.):  do not review.

Once you have been invited to submit a grant application, please click here for detailed instructions.