Join the RSDSA Community: Improving the Lives of CRPS/RSD Patients; Working for a Cure

Welcome! The RSDSA community is open to all those affected by or interested in CRPS/RSD – patients of all ages, caregivers, physicians/healthcare professionals and researchers. No membership forms or fees. Just come right in.

Why is joining the RSDSA community important? When you are diagnosed with CRPS/RSD, your life can change radically. It can be lonely and isolating.

However, many individuals with CRPS/RSD and their families have found that being part of this community is a huge source of support. It will help you reorient to your new journey by connecting you with many people who understand, care and can help you.

Here you can:

  • Find information, education and how-to’s/advice
  • Engage and share with others coping with CRPS/RSD – who understand what you are going through
  • Learn how others are managing the tasks of daily living, as well as issues with insurance, medications/opiates and other challenges of living with CRPS/RSD
  • Become involved in our conferences, fundraisers and other events
  • Join or start a support group (These are facilitated by CRPS/RSD patients and/or medical professionals)
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself and others
  • Keep up to date with the latest research – our best hope for better treatment and a cure
  • Join a committee or become a volunteer
  • Become a donor or an event sponsor
  • Learn about RSDSA’s Patient Assistance Fund in Honor of Brad Jenkins
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our blog to stay informed and connected

We will always try to provide assistance for your problems and answer your questions. And there’s always someone who can benefit from your experiences with CRPS/RSD. Please join us!