Resources for Caregivers

The CRPS/RSD patients who do the best are those fortunate enough to have loving and supportive caregivers, like you. You may be the parent of a child with CRPS/RSD, or a spouse, or a close friend. Whatever role you are in, RSDSA has information and help to offer you, including connection to support groups and peers.

Caregivers can find strength and comfort from the RSDSA community as CRPS/RSD can be isolating for families. You may feel that you are alone in this life-altering journey, but you are not.

As part of the RSDSA community you will learn:

  • How to get a concrete diagnosis and start effective treatment, which is especially important to parents who know that the earlier they get help for their children, the better the chance of remission
  • How to help your loved one or friend without stifling them
  • How to plan better for daily living
  • Tips and advice that will help your friend or loved one become more independent and develop better function
  • That you need a break from time to time and how to find resources for respite care
  • News about the latest available treatments and research
  • How to cope with financial issues, including insurance and workers’ compensation denials
  • How to contribute to RSDSA fundraising efforts
  • How to cope with lack of physical intimacy with your spouse
  • Where to find resources of all kinds for living better with CRPS/RSD

Helpful Caregiver Resources

Consider reaching out to us by phone or email to introduce yourself and learn more about how you and your friend or loved one can benefit from our vibrant and committed RSDSA community.