Post-Diagnosis Steps

If you are newly diagnosed with, or suspect that you have CRPS/RSD, here are some helpful resources for you.

RSDSA Information Packages

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  • If you need a list of doctors in your state that treat CRPS, please call the RSDSA office at 877.662.7737 or email us at [email protected]

Helpful Resources

Helpful Articles

Diagnosis & Management of CRPS & Comorbid Conditions

Presented by: Pradeep Chopra M.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical) Brown Medical School, Director, Pain Management Center, RI

CRPS: A Different Approach Extended with Philip Getson, DO

Presented by: Philip Getson, DO a CRPS specialist from Marlton, NJ who has treated hundreds of individuals with CRPS throughout his career. Dr. Getson is a member of RSDSA’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

Emerging Therapies for CRPS and The National Pain Strategy with Sean Mackey

Learn now Mackey wants to help transform people who suffer from pain.

Brain Retraining and Mirror Therapy

Sarah M. Whitman, MD demonstrates the principles of graded motor imagery and mirror therapy as a brain-retraining therapy in people with CRPS.