Help RSDSA Send Children with Pain to Summer Camp

RSDSA is raising money to support the annual camp experience for children in pain at the Center for Courageous Kids Camp (CCK) in Kentucky. Since 2015, RSDSA has served as a co-sponsor for The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain’s (TCAPP) Pediatric Pain Week. During Pediatric Pain Week, children experienced horseback riding, fishing, swimming, arts & crafts, Messy Games (one of the favorites), archery, stage day, bowling, etc. It is a family camp, so every family member is encouraged to join in the FUN! Not only does this benefit the child(ren) living in pain, but it also opens doors for parents. CCK is a place where nobody is judged for using a wheelchair during one activity and being able to stand for another activity. Everyone at camp respects each other as a person, not as an illness.

The most amazing part of Pediatric Pain Week is watching the children laugh, smile, conquer activities they have never done before and develop friendships with people who “get it.” Living in chronic pain is difficult for anyone, but seeing children in chronic pain is heartbreaking. They are amazing warriors for all the challenges they endure every day, both medically and socially. Often, they lose friends and family members who just don’t understand their pain conditions. They become lonely and, sometimes, depression hits them. Pediatric Pain Week is a perfect distraction for these families from their daily struggles. It also gives them HOPE and something to look forward to. They make new friends who understand and keep in touch during the year. We have had families meet up for a weekend, at a doctor’s office, for lunch, etc. All the children become part of the CCK family and are never alone again.

The camp is a life-saver. One parent of an 11-year-old camper with CRPS wrote, “Thank you for your support for the pediatric pain camp. I heard one child get up and say it literally saved her life… This camp brought our daughter back to us as well. She had gotten so depressed and in pain, she would not leave the house.”

Kids Camp Statistics

Year Children Families
2015 19 16
2016 50 26
2017 68 37
2018 53 34
2019 50 30
2023 86 24
Total 326 167

Please note that activities continued virtually from 2020-2022 due to the pandemic.


If you would like to make a gift to help sponsor a child to the CCK camp, click the donate button below.


Some individuals are also raising funds by donating their spare change by filling up a penny pig. If you would like to participate, we will gladly send you a penny pig. Email us at [email protected] or call us 877-662-7737.