Start a Support Group

Becoming part of a local support group can be a powerful way to cope with CRPS/RSD as this very isolating condition can curtail your ability to function in as predictable a way as before.

You may also feel that there is no one nearby who can understand what you are going through or that you are the only one in your community coping with CRPS/RSD.

Chances are there are other CRPS/RSD Warriors in your local area and that you can get together for mutual support and to share information about the latest treatments and lifestyle tips. In some less populated areas, online support groups offer an excellent alternative to in-person meetings. Coming together in regular support sessions is a wonderful way to share, socialize and support each other.

RSDSA provides guidelines for establishing and running positive and productive support groups.

Support Groups

The number of CRPS support groups is thankfully growing everyday. For those who live in close proximity to state borders, please also check your neighboring state as there may be a support group which may actually be closer to you than the support group in your state.

Starting a CRPS Support Group
Sharon Weiner, RSDSA board member and president of Living with RSDS, Inc., shares decades worth of wisdom and experience on how to start and maintain a thriving support group for people with CRPS, family members, and medical professionals.