A Halloween Tale for CRPS With a Fun Message

Samantha writes a special Halloween story about CRPS and what is coming up after Halloween for awareness month
Halloween a Few Years Ago

Written by Samantha Anderson

‘Twas the day of Halloween, and all through RSDSA,

Anticipation was occurring, for another important day.

While others prepared costumes of Wonder Woman and Zeus,

Samantha was writing a Halloween blog, although for another use.

Tonight, she would dress as a unicorn in full,

To pass the trick or treaters candy by the bagful.

The clock will strike midnight, and a new month will arrive,

Just in time for a new campaign to thrive.

The first of November means it is the time,

To shed some awareness through story and rhyme.

A new blog will be posted every day,

For members of the RSDSA community to relate to in some way.

Tips, tricks, and stories we hope will compel,

Other readers of our blog to write for us as well.

Thirty different stories will be shared right here,

For you to repost for those you have near.

Stories will supplement our events through the weeks,

If you haven’t seen them, be sure to take a peak!

That’s right, RSDSA community! We will be featuring a new blog or vlog every day for you to read and share. Why? Because tomorrow starts CRPS Awareness Month! If you would like to submit a blog for consideration, please send it to [email protected]. If you haven’t seen the events coming up this month, head over to our events page to see what is to come. We think this is going to be a wonderful awareness month that will help us relate with one another and will help others gain more insight into RSDSA’s mission and the lives of those affected by CRPS. We could always use more than thirty blogs/vlogs, as we can post multiple OR save them for a future #TheTuesdayBurn.

Want to share what you’re doing to make this November the best CRPS Awareness Month ever? Send us a post on Facebook or a Tweet using #CRPSAwareness17 #ThisIsCRPS. Get your voice heard. When our voices come together, they create a beautiful harmony that can be heard across the world.

If you cannot make it out to one of the CRPS Awareness Month events, please know that sharing these events and helping get the word out and obtaining donations helps RSDSA reach our initiatives. We are excited to try new things this awareness month!

Have a happy and safe Halloween and we will see you all back here tomorrow for CRPS Awareness Month!

PS. If you are Facebook savvy, you will notice that our new filter for CRPS Awareness month goes up tonight on Facebook. Just search RSDSA when adding a frame to your picture! There are two available.

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