In A Flash

Written by Sue Racaniello for the RSDSA blog.


In a flash A life can change

In a flash, the flame ignited

In a flash, my world divided


Minutes to hours, hours to days

My mind is unable to leave this maze


Days to weeks, weeks to months

Time is racing yet I feel so stuck

There are moments I can’t even speak

And that’s when everything feels so bleak


Weeks to months, months to a year

I go outside but still with great fear

The flames have subsided, but the pain is still here


I’ve made great progress nevertheless

And now it’s time to reassess

I promise to my family and to myself

That I must never acquiesce


I patiently wait for remission

But until that day comes I’ll attach therapy with ambition


There was a brief moment where my body went quiet

And in a flash

My mind changed its diet

I saw the moon and stars like never before

And suddenly realized I walked through a new door


I will mourn the Sue of old

But now I need to create a new mold

I probably won’t be as bold

And maybe I’ll even do as I’m told


I’m in charge, I’ve always been

I just need to get out of this spin


It’s a new journey for this new Sue

And I know I have to push through


I guess I was meant for this CRPS

To appreciate all that’s important and get rid of life’s stress

I choose to almost be thankful

Because without a flash, I may have never been tranquil


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