In Tune

Written by Sue Racaniello for the RSDSA blog.


My body used to walk through life unaware of it’s surroundings

It was a vehicle to get me to point B

It’s supposed to be that way, or is it?

Should I feel every nuance around me?

Every whisper of the wind on my hand, every inch of earth beneath my foot?


I’m still trying to sort this out

And figure out how to go about

I have to strike a balance

To stay in tune with people around me

While I control the pain inside thee


Each step with my foot

Or grasp of my hand

Transports me to a no mans land

I hear people talking, And I do reply

But I won’t recall

Because I wasn’t focused at all


The next phase of my recovery

Will be to overcome, and act on my discovery

I’m not a quitter

And I refuse to be bitter


I will integrate the two worlds I live in

One of pain and the other, amongst the living

I cannot let them collide, I gently need to set the divide


I may not feel this way tomorrow

I may just be filled with sorrow

But for today I’m on my way


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