Olivia Erdman’s New Life with CRPS

Published on December 4, 2019 under RSDS General Info

Special thanks to Olivia Erdman for the taking the time to create this amazing vlog for her YouTube Channel. Take a moment to watch to learn more about her diagnosis, journey, friendships, and more.

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  1. Richard Rothstein


    Hang in there! I feel for you. I was just diagnosed with CRPS after having it for five years because of foot surgery. Four months ago, I endured reconstructive spine surgery which hasn’t gone well. I have significantly more pain than I did before the surgery.

    What works for me: 1. Sleep is ESSENTIAL….I take the anti depressant Mirtazapene…without it, I would barely be able to sleep. Solid sleep relieves anxiety and pain significantly.

    2. Swimming helps my pain level significantly. I have CRPS in my left foot and it has moved to my right foot. I wrap my foot with an elastic bandage loosely and it lessons the pain WHILE I swim. After swimming I normally have at least three hours of relatively low pain…it doesn’t stop the pressure I feel in my foot however. By five PM, every day the pain starts building and by bedtime the intense burning has returned…sometimes Lidocaine salve relieves some of the burning…sometimes not

    3. Nerve blocks have never helped. Moving as much as possible is essential. The right combination of THC and CBD helps with pain, anxiety and sleep. Experiment with dosage…it’s important.


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