RSDSA Leadership: Professionals, Patients, Families, Physicians Committed to a Better Treatment for CRPS/RSD and a Cure


Jim Broatch, MSW has served as RSDSA’s Executive Director for 15 Years. He also serves on RSDSA’s Board of Directors. Under his leadership, RSDSA’s revenue has grown by three hundred percent (300%), more than $2.2 million has been invested in CRPS research and fellowships, and RSDSA is now recognized as the international “go-to” organization for the latest information of the diagnosis, treatment, and management of CRPS. In addition to leading RSDSA, Mr. Broatch serves as a compassionate, knowledgeable point of contact for individuals newly diagnosed with CRPS or those suffering for decades with the intractable pain and disability caused by CRPS who reach out to RSDSA for direction.

RSDSA Board of Directors

Peter Moskovitz, MD
Chairman of the Board
Washington, DC
Francis Ludington, III
Princeton Junction, NJ
Mary Beth Kenny Ludington
Princeton Junction, NJ
Steven Shisler, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA
Norman Harden, MD
Athens, GA
Stephen Brilliant, M.S. C.P.A.
Hillsborough, NJ
Rachel Charlesworth
New York, NY
Sharon L. Weiner
Living with RSDS, Inc.
Hillsborough, NJ
David Bond
Buckeye, AZ
James W. Broatch, MSW
Executive Vice President, Director
Milford, CT
Ilona Thomassen
The Netherlands
Bob Lane
Denver, CO
Billy Alexander, MD
Calhoun, LA
Stephen Bruehl, Ph.D.
Nashville, TN