Longest Day Golf Recap: How It’s Helping RSDSA

All of the golfers that participated in the golf marathon. Our golfer, Zach, is on the far right in the blue with the visor. Wrtten by Samantha Barrett for the RSDSA blog.

RSDSA’s very first Longest Day of Golf took place this week.

On Monday, September 26, RSDSA was lucky enough to take part in a golf marathon and Innis Arden Golf Club. We had Zach Baron, from Arccos, golfing on our behalf with the support of Jim Broatch. Also at the marathon were fifteen other golfers representing Malta House and the Susan Flynn Oncology Nursing Foundation. Golfers took to the golf course trying to complete as many holes of golf as possible to raise money for the charities they were representing.

Prior to the event, which we deemed our very first Longest Day of Golf event, we collected donations. Some people submitted pledges on a per-hole basis. For every hole Zach completed, these donors would give a certain amount. Other donors gave one-time donations towards the event. We are still accepting one time donations for this event. Donations can be made via check or PayPal, which you can find the details for here. Be sure to note somewhere that the donation is for “LDOG.” Feel free to email us with any questions or to alert us of your donation. Send emails to [email protected]

It was the perfect fall day at the golf course. Golfers started in the early morning and went until they couldn’t go anymore. The day started remembering Arnold Palmer, who had passed the evening before the event. Once the event kicked off, we were able to post updates to our social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also used #RSDSALDOG for all of our social media posts.  Zach, predicted that he would complete 45-54 holes. In the end, Zach completed 72 holes! That is dedication.

Due to the success of this event, RSDSA hopes to have more Longest Day of Golf events all over the country. As more events pop up, we will continue to share them on our social media pages and through email blasts. Sign up for our emailing list by clicking here.

Zach was interviewed by Channel 12 News during the course of the day. Click the link to see the clip!

RSDSA would like to thank Zach Baron, Innis Arden Golf Club, and all of our donors! You all contributed to the success of this event!

“Golf is a matter of confidence. If you think you cannot do it, there is no chance you will” -Henry Cotton

Zach Baron participating in Longest Day of Golf on behalf of RSDSA. This is him at the 18th hole.Zach Baron with RSDSA Executive Vice President and Director, Jim Broatch. This is a part of RSDSA's Longest Day of GolfZach Baron played a full day's worth of golf on behalf of RSDSA


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