Sending Condolences to the Family of R. Steven Shisler, Esq.

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of RSDSA board member, R. Steven Shisler, Esq. His unexpected departure has left us all in a state of profound sorrow and loss.

Steve Shisler’s loss will be felt keenly throughout the entire CRPS community. He was a fierce & compassionate defender of those who suffer from this debilitating syndrome. Unfortunately, he knew all-too-well the havoc CRPS can wreak on a body and a spirit, having dealt with its ravages himself as the result of a motorcycle accident many years ago.

While the CRPS community at large marks his passing, we at RSDSA are especially saddened. He served on our Board in several different capacities throughout his long tenure here.

He always provided ad hoc legal advice, and in recent years, functioned as the Board Secretary. Instead of a more traditional and formal roll call, Steve often began meetings with greeting each member by name as he recorded the Minutes.

More importantly, however, we could always rely on Steve to transform our divergent opinions into one cogent voice which enabled us to advocate successfully for our members. His was the voice of reason and the heart of understanding to which we all aspired. He will be sorely missed.

Learn more about Steven via the Wilde Funeral Home website.

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