Shannon’s Story

By Traci PattersonFounder and Executive Director, Advanced Pathways

Shannon suffered a knee injury at work that lead to her diagnosis of CRPS.  Much like the majority of CRPS patients she went undiagnosed for three years.  Heading into her fourth year of excruciating pain, temperature changes, swelling and frustration – she finally received the life changing diagnosis.

Then the next hurdle was finding an effective treatment options that provided long-term results.  Seven years went by while being treated at some of the best medical facilities and universities on the west coast.  This included seeing the top specialists at Stanford University and UCLA trying to find the elusive treatment that would help her regain life again.  Unfortunately, traditional treatments were not working.

Going into her tenth year Shannon’s husband was desperately searching for answers and praying for something to be available that would help to take away the pain – to stop the tears running down the cheeks, to control or stop the unrelenting suffering, and provide health and healing.  This is when he stumbled on a treatment option called HCT (Hypnosis Combined Therapy) at Advanced Pathways.  This is a multi-modality protocol that is non-invasive, drug free and outcome based.  With nothing to lose but everything to gain he spoke with Shannon about pursuing this treatment option.

Shannon started her five day HCT Intensive with some reservation as every other treatment had failed.  Day one she was at a pain level of nine out of ten (9/10).  The, “HCT Intensive”, is a five-day protocol that includes:  hypnotherapy, cold laser, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), biofeedback, light/sound therapy, neuroplasticity training, and more.  Shannon finished her intensive at a zero pain level (0/10).  This was the first time in ten years that she was sleeping better, walking without pain and had the overall feeling of well-being.

Take a couple minutes to watch Shannon’s video of where she was and where she is today.

Shannon’s journey has had many turns as experienced by other CRPS patients.  Today, she is enjoying life again in long-term remission.  Shannon has been able to turn off her neurostimulator, stop all her medication and move forward with confidence.

CRPS affects all aspects of your life and a successful treatment plan should also. Reversing CRPS requires a comprehensive, efficient, and effective treatment plan that is individualized to meet your needs.  HCT is providing exactly that.  The journey can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it is important to find an effective treatment that will work for you – just as Shannon did.

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