Support Group Facilitator Library (FSG)

Many Conversations among support group facilitators often turn to “what do we talk about?” To assist with that concern The Facilitator Support Group (FSG) Library was created to offer support group leaders and facilitators ideas and topics to utilize at their meetings. Each topic will include an agenda, discussion questions and a related resource list that can be used to facilitate a support group meeting. FSG is a resource for new and existing RSDSA support group leaders. We offer a monthly support call, a Facebook page and a grant program.

  • FSG National Safety Month Meeting Guide:  June is National Safety Month. RSDSA’s Facilitator Support Group (FSG) has developed this National Safety Month Meeting Guide to promote living safely with CRPS/RSD. We invite all RSDSA support groups to join together as a community by making National Safety Month their topic during the month of June. We encourage all members of our community to take advantage of these resources.