Tamara Gurin

My CRPS story began, like many CRPS stories, with misdiagnosis and despair over my rapidly worsening condition. Abnormal electromyography (EMG) test results led my doctor to conclude that I had carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), despite several other symptoms that were clearly inconsistent with CTS. I disagreed with doctors, and kept searching for a more accurate diagnosis, which would offer me a solution for all of my symptoms. Meanwhile, my symptoms were spreading and getting worse: neuropathic pain in hands and arms, uncontrollable muscle contraction (dystonia), Reynaud’s Syndrome, chronic fatigue, brain fog, hypersensitivity to touch and temperature.
Once I had a correct diagnosis, which was CRPS, my doctors told me that I had to learn how to live and cope with it. I found it unacceptable. I refused to settle for anything less than a full recovery and return to a normal lifestyle. By chance, I learned about Dr. John Sarno who pioneered a novel approach to treating chronic pain conditions, and that changed everything. The day I finished reading his book, I knew I had a chance to get my life back.
It is a widely held opinion among CRPS doctors that chances of improvements for CRPS patients decrease with age. Due to my age (58 at the onset of disease) I objectively had poor prospects at beating CRPS, yet my story has a happy ending: full remission without invasive treatments or drugs.
My journey is not a story of a spontaneous miracle: I used mind-body approach but was open to working with any mainstream healthcare provider who would support me in my quest – and was able to fully recover.
After my symptoms completely disappeared 4 years ago, I ran several half-marathons, hiked to the top of Mount Whitney and continue exercising by practicing planks and pushups using the very hands and wrists that once were almost entirely incapacitated. I am a firm believer that CRPS can be defeated!
If you want to know how I did it, feel free to reach me at [email protected].
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